Fabrication is the process that transforms your raw metals into usable products. For having the final output,metal goes under various processes, cutting, grinding, shaping, and welding. The fabricated products are used for an array of industries. From household items to large aircraft parts, fabrication is the basis of formation of all the articles required.

Manufacturers usually fabricate basic items like metal rods, sheets and bars. However, many steel manufacturing companies in Canada at times mandate on unique products meeting special prerequisite. In this case, companies can get their products custom made. There are some other processes as well like, matching, metal stamping, casting and forging which though similar, are different from Custom Metal Fabrications.The steps involved in customization of Metal Fabrication


When manufacturing a product; designing is the basic step. For that conceptualizing is must so that output is according to the instructions. Which visualizes many factors like what the design should be, what kind of framework is required to build the product and also what the tensile strength has to be for an item to match the requirements. Also, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is used to get the virtual image of final product. Everything a client needs has to be considered while making the design of framework because if the client does not find layout of its final output up to the mark then everything will be a waste.


After designing, the next step is to build the product. Building of a product takes many characteristics into account just like design,it looks for the material to be used, again the framework and the fit and lastly it also takes the joints into consideration.
For obtaining the product various processes can be taken as an option:
• Cutting- it can be done by various methods like, sawing or numerical control using lasers etc.
• Bending – it is done by hammering or press bending.
• Welding – it is to join two or more parts together.
Many other processes can be done for construction of a product to get the desired result.


3. Assemble and Finish
Now, another step comesinto action which is assembling product into a case. After it is established into the frame, the product undergoes through the final stage which is finishing. As the object undergoes inspection all the things are checked such as, whether the wares are finely adhered to each other, also if the dimensions are as per the requirement or not. In some cases, the final output also calls for an Inspection.
Manufacturing a tailored product can be a complex task as it requires more precision than what an ordinary tool requires. For getting custom metal fabrication in Mississauga, many companies can give assistance. Needless to say, PMK Metals is one such company which addresses your needs. They have acquired an expertise in welding and fabrication which makes them reliable. Not only they manufacture, but also inspect the already done work which adds on into their versatility.

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