We employ a wide range of equipment ranging from CNC Lathe to CNC Milling machines to make the machining process fast and precise. We understand that pin point accuracy matters when it comes to machining. That’s why we’re equipped with machining tools allowing both 2D and 3D machining.

Our machines have high spindle speeds that facilitate High Speed Machining. We invest heavily in latest state-of-the-art machining technology from time to time. This helps us to evolve as a company and allows us to offer only the best engineering solutions for your requirements. Our machining services are not just precise but also time bound. Through error-free turning, milling, and drilling using our ultra-modern CNC machining equipment, your finished product will be just as you specified.


We pride ourselves in being one of the very few companies to carry out Four Axis Grinding and Large Capacity Work Envelope at our facility. Automated grinding gives us a better control over the end product owing to precise abrasion with the aid of our sophisticated grinding machines.

A Process that’s free of vibrations allows for perfect grinding and that’s what we do at our facility. All our grinding equipment are tested to have zero vibration and suitably distributed load that contribute to a perfect end result. Automated grinding saves effort, time, and money and that’s what we extend to you. We make the whole manufacturing and value addition process cost effective for your company so you can have a better competitive edge.


At PMK Metals, we work with metals and non-metals to provide you with the custom fabrication solutions you require. We employ precision cutting, forming, and welding to meet your specific manufacturing needs, with absolutely no compromise on quality.

We’re equipped with cutting edge technology and a team of highly trained professionals who can work with any metal and any material to go with it. At our work center, metallic and non-metallic materials such as plastics and composites are processed into functional components. Our engineering design team takes care of the minutest detail to ensure accuracy of precision.We have been working in metal fabrication industry for a very long time and we’ve evolved our methods with each technological advancement.

Industrial Knives

PMK is the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality industrial blades and knives in Canada. We use premium grade metals to manufacture our knives that last through years and years of cutting.

We’ve been supplying our industrial blades and knives to well established industries throughout North America. Our product quality is consistent and our service is outstanding. We employ state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for creating our excellent industrial knives that stand the test of time.Not just knives, we strive to build a fruitful B2B relationship with our clients that goes a long way. We’re also the technology partners of budding enterprises, guiding them through the manufacturing phase.